March 30th, 2011 by OCLTeam under Bio Oil, Blog, Decorating Ideas, Torch, Where to buy

Look around any grocery or home store these days and you’ll see outdoor furniture and decor already set up. Plan your life outside with smart and safe Danish Clean Green Oil products.

This is the Elipse Outdoor Torch. Imported from Denmark, it’s the first generation of Garden Torches to use patented “Advanced Burning Control” technology. With this, gases around the wicks are burned, which means excellent burning and minimal smoke. Elipse is also the World’s First Oil Lamp that you can fill directly without detaching the lamp, and the first with a safety closure to prevent oil spillages. With Elipse you get an absolutely stunning, romantic bonfire flame that with just one click of a lighter creates a beautiful atmosphere and really catches the eye.

Outdoor torch sets include plenty of our Danish Clean Green Oil to get started. offers a great Subscribe and Save program for the oil that helps to make sure you never run out and the price is great. Check out the Single Torch Set, 2-Pack Torch Set, and Danish Clean Green Oil today.

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