February 23rd, 2011 by James

It’s neat and easy to start using Danish Oil Candles. Here are complete instructions for your first use, and tips on how to keep your oil candles burning clean and bright!

Start by trimming the wick flush with the upper part of the small wick holder.

When each of the wicks has been trimmed, then place the 3 sticks in the glass with oil. Allow the sticks to soak up oil for 20-30 minutes prior to initial lighting.

After 20-30 minutes, the sticks are ready – please light!

Watch the oil level and make sure to refill before it runs out of oil. This will extend the life of the wicks.

If adjustment of the wicks is needed, then the easiest way to do so is by gently “tapping” the sticks down on a hard surface. PLEASE remember to use some kind of cover on your surface, such an old newspaper, since the sticks might leak a little oil when you tap them.

The sticks burn best when the wick is in level with the upper part of the small wick holder. Please remember that the sticks will NOT burn better if the wicks are pulled up over this level.

The wicks are easily replaced!
Use a very thin steel thread or something similar. Take out the old wick from the small wick holder and tighten the steel thread around one end of the new wick a few times.

Pull the wick through the stick, from top to bottom. When it is through, then remove the steel thread.

Trim the wicks as in the first pictures above and allow the sticks to soak oil before lighting again.

Enjoy your Danish Oil Candles!