April 3rd, 2011 by James under

New DANISH ELIPSE OUTDOOR GARDEN TORCH SET, Patented Hands-Free Design, 63î Tall, Plus Free 750ml Bottle of DANISH CLEAN GREEN OIL





  • Stunning Romantic Scandinavian Design by Lars Hansen, Black and Stainless Steel, Elegant, Classic and Durable for Years from Blindkilde of Denmark
  • For Outdoor Use in Residential and Commercial Settings, Assembled Height 63″, Removable Cap Makes Filling and Storage Easy, Patented Hands-Free Design
  • Includes Free 750ml Bottle of DANISH CLEAN GREEN OIL, The World’s 1st Non-Petroleum Non Toxic Eco Friendly Vegetable Based Torch, Lantern & Candle Oil
  • Fill Without Touching It = No Soot on Your Hands or Clothes! Remove the Cap, Fill with DANISH CLEAN GREEN OIL, Each Fill Lasts Approximately 20 Hours
  • This Beautiful Oil Torch is Ideal for Housewarmings, Patios, Candle Light Parties, Barbeques, Holidays, Host/Hostess Gifts, Clients, Friends & Family


Cheaply constructed, hazardous and combustible, most outdoor torches are little more than black smoke machines. The soot coming from the flames is dangerous because they are from petroleum products. Who would want to be near an oil refinery that’s on fire? People use these torches because there’s been no alternative. Until now. Introducing the revolutionary DANISH ELIPSE OUTDOOR GARDEN TORCH SET. Imported from Denmark, itís the first generation of Garden Torches to use patented “Advanced Burning Control” technology. With this, gases around the wicks are burned, which means excellent burning and minimal smoke. Elipse is also the World’s First Oil Lamp that you can fill directly without detaching the lamp, and the first with a safety closure to prevent oil spillages. With Elipse you get an absolutely stunning, romantic bonfire flame that with just one click of a lighter creates a beautiful atmosphere and catches the eye all year round! As a special bonus, included with this Elipse Torch is a full-sized 750ml bottle of DANISH CLEAN GREEN OIL (CGO), the revolutionary new alternative to petroleum fuel, a $19.95 Value. CGO is the World’s First Torch, Barbeque, Candle, Lantern, Lamp, Campfire, Bonfire, Disaster and Survival Kit, and Fireplace Oil Not made from Petroleum, it’s 100% Vegetable Oil based! Patented and in huge demand in Europe, CGO is non-toxic, eco-friendly, carbon neutral, safer, healthier and better for the environment, your home and business. CGO is the UN-OIL: All the benefits of Traditional Oil, but none of the danger, toxicity or soot that can stain your walls and possibly harm your health because it’s Not Petroleum… Never had it, Never will. Say goodbye to explosive hazardous materials near your food and under your sink, having food smell and taste like Kerosene, and a life threatening product for children; it’s a product you can feel good about using. Not for cooking or massage. As with any Oil and flame, keep away from children at all times.